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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Ben Adams is focused but is not limited to these areas of law.
Wills & Trusts


Our firm is committed to acheiving your goals in planning your estate.  It is important for everyone to have a plan just in case something were to happen.  Our firm will apply our experience and knowledge to advise and plan for the future.  Don't let your hard earned property go to the state or some distant relative instead of who you intend.  Our firm will be there for you throughout the entire process.


Property Law

​Ben Adams will remain focused to protect your rights whether it be a landlord/tenant issue, closing, easement, or boundary dispute.  Ben Adams is committed to applying his experience and knowledge in this area of law. 


Family Law


The Law Office of Ben Adams is committed to providing adoption and divorce services to the community.  These matters are important and will garner the compassion and focus necessary to achieve the needs of the client.  As your attorney in these matters, Ben Adams will do whatever it takes and will do so with dignity and ethics.


Contract Law

Whether my client is trying to perform a complex merger and acquisition or simple sale of goods, Ben Adams will apply his knowledge and expertise in achieving your goal through the contract.  Ben Adams is committed to creating a seamless document that will hold up against the utmost scrutiny and protect your rights.

Criminal Law


Ben Adams is proud to stand in the face of adversity to stand up for your rights.  Whether your case is a DUI, drug charge, or other offense, he will guarantee that your rights are respected and that you will be treated fairly by our court system.  With many hours of courtroom experience, Ben Adams will bring tenacity in litigating your case.



Construction Law

​With experience in the construction world prior to becoming an attorney, Ben Adams has the unique perspective of understanding the goals and the protections necessary in construction law.  Ben Adams will apply his experience and knowledge to protect your interests and achieve the goals of his clients.

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