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At the Law Office of Ben Adams, the client comes first.  We are committed to bringing formidable representation, creative solutions and personal service in all aspects of the law.  Ben Adams is committed to serving his community and welcomes complex legal and financial conflicts.  We strive to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.  Ben Adams brings experience, tenacity, and compassion to the legal process, guaranteeing the best in legal services.




The Law Office of Ben Adams offers a variety of services covering various areas of the law.  The law office will handle your case regarding wills and estate planning, family law including adoptions and divorces, criminal law, construction law, contract law, housing law and property law.  Whatever the legal need, the Law Office of Ben Adams will handle your case with dignity, ethically, and with diligence.

About Ben Adams


Ben Adams is originally from Bluff City, Tennessee.  He is a graduate from Sullivan East High School.  He also graduated with an English Degree from East Tennessee State University.  After pursuing a career in the retail book business, he decided to attend law school.  He graduated from Charlotte School of Law with honors.  Ben made the Dean's list in five out of six semesters, became a member of Order of the Crown, a prestigious legal honor society, and logged over 600 hours of pro-bono work during his time in law school. 


Ben Adams loves east Tennessee not only for the beauty of the mountains and lakes, but because he loves and cares about the people from his home.  In deciding to relocated back to Bluff City, Ben is committed to serving his community and protecting the rights of the people he knows and loves.  "I care deeply for this community, and I truly want to make a difference.  I want to guarantee that people from here have a person that they can trust and rely on when things are tough.  I will gladly stand up for the people in this community."

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(423) 366-2435

Ben Adams
1699 Blountville Blvd.
Blountville, TN 



Areas of Practice

Wills and Trusts

Family Law​

Criminal Law​

Construction Law​​

Contract Law​​​​​

Housing Law​​​​​

Property Law​​​​​​​​​

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